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Still no AK – but a 9 and 12 gauge will hold me off for now

Posted in Sojourns by David on June 15, 2009

Shooting Practice @ Reed’s Indoor Range / Wed. 10 June 2009

My friend McCabe from Berkeley came down last Wednesday to go shooting and hang out. I first met McCabe at CalSO, Cal Student Orientation, way back in August 2006. He was the first friend I ever made at Cal. We were both transfer students and English majors, about to embark on our two-year sojourn through Cal’s rigorous English program. We ended up taking the same Junior Seminar our first semester, and took at least one class together every semester after that. We both wrote honors theses our senior year, pushing each other along and shooting ideas back and forth through the long and arduous process of completing our 60-80 page papers. Conversations with McCabe turn from the comical to the theoretical at breakneck speed. For example, we were discussing the relationships of people we know, and all of a sudden McCabe compares the dynamics of their relationships to the nihilism found in the translated graphic novel Lone Wolf and Cub. Other interesting conversational twists and turns ensued; I wish I had a voice recorder, so I could upload our conversations directly to the site. Maybe a future post?

After he met me at my house, we headed off to Reed’s Indoor Range. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a staff with a dead serious demeanor. We were asked what kind of shooting experience we had. I wanted to joke “Well, I beat Call of Duty 4: World at War” but my guess was that the guy behind the counter wasn’t going to have it. “None,” I quipped back. McCabe, however, had some experience shooting pistols at another range, and he curtly told the guy exactly which gun he had used, what kind of ammunition he had loaded it with, and where he shot it. Then, he was asked by the guy behind the counter to load a Glock 9mm with a fake orange bullet to demonstrate his proficiency with weapons. He passed the test and I was given further instructions on how to handle weapons in a gun range, which I had to repeat back to the guy even though he didn’t tell me beforehand that I would have to repeat all the instructions back to him. Good thing I was listening, as I am the type that zones out as soon as I hear instructions. I figured what he was saying might be beneficial to my health to know.

We started off with a Heckler & Koch 9mm with a box of standard ammunition.


Limited Edition ‘House’ T Shirt x Gigamelted

Posted in Fashion, Street Wear by David on June 9, 2009

Reposted from Gigamelted’s Flickr, found here:

HOUSE T SHIRT by gigamelted.







Gigamelted (AKA Ewsoe) is a friend of mine from way back who has been tirelessly and passionately working on his art career in Los Angeles for a few years now. He is part of the artist collective known as PDB, or Pros Don’t Boast. Forget about those “Limited Edition” T’s you see on other streetwear blogs. This stuff is the real thing, by a bona fide artist from the streets making his own wear. His blog can be found at http://hyphydelic.blogspot.com.

UPDATE: If you email Gigamelted with a request for a shirt, please refer to this site in your email for tracking purposes. Thanks!

It was a good day – and I didn’t even have to pull out my AK

Posted in Sojourns by David on June 9, 2009

Friday night, I was out with my cousin Charles and some friends at the sports bar formerly known as Cluck U., in Santa Clara, Calif. While waiting in line, he told me he was going for a trip to Oakland the next morning to pick up a set of wheels for a bike he is building for his girlfriend, Laura. I jumped at the opportunity, and asked him if I could join. It would be my first time back to Oakland/Berkeley since my graduation. Although it was a last minute trip, I got the opportunity to meet up with a couple good friends from Cal whom I had not seen since graduation, as well as checking out some cool spots in the area.

After arriving at Berkeley, we noticed we were riding on a flat tire on the rear driver’s side. We pulled into a Big Ol’ Tires and waited half an hour to get the rear tires replaced. In the meantime, we made our way through San Pablo Avenue, scoping out the modified funky cars so common in Berkeley.

Fish Van

Fish Van 2

This car below reminded me of the song “Fantastic Voyage” by Coolio for some reason. Hella  throwback and hippie, all at the same time.

Fantastic Voyage Car

Gangster Pose

Afterward, we met up with a good friend of mine named J., who I met when I used to help out with a magazine on campus called Cal Literature and Arts Magazine. We caught up in this cafe in the Temescal Disctrict of Oakland. At this cafe, they had about a dozen guys behind the counter working solely on chicken sandwiches, which is about all they make. I had two sandwiches and a lemonade ready about 30 seconds after I ordered. the total came out to $18 bucks, but they were really great sandwiches. My friend J. got me caught up on her life and everyone we used to know who worked with us on the magazine. Some people were still in Oakland/Berkeley, one friend of ours was in Peru, and some others had moved back to their hometowns. My friend, who was an honors graduate in the Berkeley Rhetoric Department, was studying for the Graduate Record Exam (think SAT for Grad school) and was hoping to get into a Ph.D. program somewhere in the East Coast within a year. My friend has gone through a lot just this year alone, and I need to remind myself to continue to pray and remember her as she keeps moving on towards further endeavors. Wow, it was overwhelming to think how much can change within a year.  Then, she showed us around other parts in Temescal, which included a bike shop and another shop that sold used goods and antiques. My friend said she has picked up a couple good frames there and some canvases for her paintings too. This place had everything, from used cell phones to old toilet paper tubes and egg cartons. It was like Michael’s met Goodwill and had a baby.

We said goodbye to J. and took this picture:


Welcome – A little Sarsaparillah to start you off!

Posted in Music by David on June 8, 2009

Welcome to my blog! Enjoy this video from “The Vavy’s” to start you off while I finish fixing up the site and writing a longer post!