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The Last Home Recording Upon Eager Eyes by Karen Abad ♥s Dinosaurs./ Sarsaparilla

Posted in Movies, Sarsaparilla by David on June 28, 2009

“Shot entirely with a Kodak zi6 pocket camera, through a broken Nikon D50.”

This short film reminds me of Terminator Salvation…I love the post-Apocalyptic feel.

The girl who made this video is ridiculously creative and prolific…check out her site on Vimeo for her many other films!

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(Belated) Sarsaparilla Sunday

Posted in Music, Sarsaparilla by David on June 23, 2009

I just thought of something new…how ’bout I post a cool video off of Vimeo on here every Sunday, seeing as how I just learned how to post Vimeo onto WordPress. Only problem is, it is Tuesday…so, I will begin my new Sunday tradition today, meaning you will get twice the Sarsaparilla this week…

Director/Animator/Characterdesign: Kristofer Ström
AE/Filmmaestro/Cutting: Erik Buchholtz
Producers: Bart Yates, Nicholas Wakeham
Studio: varelsen.com / ljudbilden.com
Music: Minilogue.com
Track: Animals
Label: cocoon.net

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